As a Sound Reiki practitioner, I remove negative energies affecting people and their relationships, health and wealth, and I also offer this service for Homes, Businesses and Properties.

Why should you book a Clearing for your space?

Every space is sacred. The home we live in, our place of work, the businesses we frequent. And these spaces are, like us, always evolving, changing, and affected by other energies (both positive and negative).

When a sacred space is housing negative energy, this can affect the people that live there, it can keep clients away, and in real estate this can block the closing of a sale.

By clearing all negative energies and raising the vibration of your home or business to its highest potential, you are creating a space of love, happiness and peace.

What is included in a Clearing?
* Assessment: I will determine which energies are affecting the space
* Remove all low vibrational energy from the property
* Raise the vibration of the home and all those that enter this sacred space to 100% light and love
* Leave the business in a state of welcoming abundance, for it to achieve its highest possible potential, for the greater good of all involved
* For business clearings I offer a group healing for all employees that are open to receiving it

Why choose Sound Reiki for your home?

• create an oasis for your Self and your family

• improve sleep

• remove influences from negative energies

• experience more harmony 


Signs that your business could benefit from Sound Reiki: 

• low employee morale

• sales are down

• repeated vandalism

• many customer complaints 

• issues with employee retention

• a feeling that something is just “off”