The story behind the name: Pure Love

The story behind the name: Pure Love

When people ask me about the name of my website and Reiki Practice, they're in for a bit of a story. Let me fill you in on the story behind the name “we all deserve Pure Love”.

“We all deserve Pure Love” is a lot more than a name for me. It has become my life’s motto. It is my goal to practice Pure Love with every action, every word and every breath. But what exactly is Pure Love? And how did I finally find it?

Pure Love, to me, is a love that is whole, true, and honest. It is a love that has no limitations, no boundaries, no conditions. It is a love that comes from deep within my own soul and shines out to the world through me. It is the most beautiful love I have ever found!

My journey to Pure Love was not easy or quick, but looking back it was all worth it for me to be ready to arrive in this space of fully loving my Self, and in turn being able to love the people around me with kindness and compassion.

My perspective on love has drastically changed in the last 5 years. I reached a turning point during a Reiki session that I had done in 2015. The session was amazing, as always, and I experienced a deep healing. Both myself and my Reiki Practitioner had the privilege of receiving a lot of information and guidance to help me heal and grow. During this session my husband’s spirit came to me very clearly. I was married to him for over 8 years when he suddenly died in an accident. I deeply value our marriage and everything it taught me, with all of its ups and downs. It was not an easy relationship but I now believe we were the perfect partners for each other at the time.
His spirit (I am calling it a spirit but others may refer to what I perceived as a soul, a ghost, a memory, and it’s ok if you have a different terminology than I do) was instantly familiar to me and I recognized it as him immediately. There was a deep sorrow at first, but I was so full of love for my Self, for him, and for our children, that the sorrow quickly ebbed away. What was left was his brilliant light, and a cord of white, shining light connecting us. I saw black chunks all around the cord and didn’t understand what they were. Well the more I allowed the Reiki energy to flow through me, the more love I experienced, and the black chunks started to break off and be released from the cord of light that connected my late husband and I. I looked more closely at the chunks as they drifted away and what I felt was more like a taste of disgust and bitterness. Together, we released them all. Everything that was not Love melted away! And all that was left was: PURE LOVE.

This was such an epiphany for me. I cried with joy, for days! Because I had just learned that no matter what happens, all that matters is Love. All that remains is Love. All that really, truly connects us, is LOVE.

In the clearest and most beautiful message of my life I heard: WE ALL DESERVE PURE LOVE. We all deserve Pure Love. We all deserve PURE LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!

We all deserve pure love.

And so, my journey of loving my Self, my late husband, my children, my parents, my sister, my whole family, my friends and finally the love of my life, began.

Wait a minute, you’re probably wondering how I can receive such a beautiful, healing message from the man I was with for over 8 years and now have a New Love?? Isn’t that basically blasphemy?? Haha, nope. I feel that we were guided to meet at the right time and place, just as I was guided to meet everyone that is and has been in my life. That’s the beauty of Pure Love. There is no judgement. Just LOVE! I am blessed to have a constant reminder of that in my life now, with a life partner that supports and loves me exactly the way I am in any given moment. It is beautiful to have that reminder, because it makes it even easier to remember to love my Self unconditionally.

It took me a long time, but I’ve learned that
1. we all deserve pure love
2. we all deserve to be happy
3. we all deserve abundance
4. we all have a purpose here
5. we all deserve PURE LOVE (in case you missed it!) :)

It is so simple, and yet sometimes still complicated. I am, after all, human. I am here to love, heal, grow, guide and learn and within that there is room for the entire range of emotions us beautiful humans can feel. I have learned to honour my emotions, to face my fears and to always remember that I, too, deserve pure love.

I welcome you to join me on this healing journey. At the core of each of us is Pure Love. And I have learned how to remind you, how to guide you back to your Self. How to breathe freely and heal every aspect of your being.

You can see that “We All Deserve Pure Love” is not just a motto, a website name or a fancy business idea. My spiritual connection to this universal truth was a turning point in my life. Since then, I have been able to begin building the life of my dreams. I have welcomed positive, healing energy into my life, and allowed myself to thrive. I wish that for you too.

And one more time for the people at the back:


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