Boundaries Workshop

Informative and empowering

It is my intention to support and empower you in taking back your personal agency, energy, and time. By revisiting what healthy and unhealthy boundaries look and feel like on all levels of your being, you will feel inspired to take positive actions and learn what to do when your boundaries have been crossed. 

- recognize boundaries

- set clear boundaries

- empower your Self

- access your inner wisdom


I host these workshops in community spaces and my studio space in the Niagara Region. If you have a community interested in this topic, please contact me to plan an event together!

The investment is currently $44 per Person for the 2-hour workshop. This includes a handout to take home, activities and some light refreshments. 

The workshop is designed to create an honest conversation about boundaries and to inspire participants to reclaim agency over their lives!

We all deserve pure love. 

An evening of Sound Healing

Since organizing my first group Reiki evening, I am completely in love with these events!

It is an opportunity to get the people you care about together for an evening of joy, sharing, laughter, release, healing and community.

The timing depends on how many guests participate, but should run approximately between 6-9pm.

Once everyone has arrived, I do a welcoming alignment and introduce everyone to Sound Reiki. I cover the basics and most frequent questions, and briefly get to know everyone.

Then I do a private healing with each guest in a separate room, while the group chats and keeps busy with snacks, tarot cards, books/info sheets that I bring along, and spending time connecting with each other. It’s a beautiful time of sharing and fun.

The private healings last between 20-30 minutes, depending on the amount of guests.

In the healings I include a full alignment and balancing of the 7 main chakras. I will repair cracks in the aura if present, remove all negative cords from the chakras, and whenever needed immediately and time allows, I will dive into even deeper healings.

After the individual healings are complete, I will do a final group alignment and grounding and discuss any new questions that have surfaced.

The purpose of the group evenings are an introduction to what I do and a basic healing, but I always give my all in a healing, so there are no limits to what we can heal, even in a short session. The most important and primary needs for healing will reveal themselves and be addressed.

The hostess receives a free healing as my thank you for bringing together her community to meet me and to encourage them on their healing journeys.

The hostess is responsible for providing light refreshments and snacks, and I ask that these are health-focused. The fewer toxins we consume, the more clearly our being shines and the more open to healing we are. Everything we put into our bodies, minds, hearts and souls affects all levels and aspects of our beings, and my hope is to balance all of those for our guests, if even for just one evening.

I am currently charging $44 per guest for these events, payable in advance by PayPal or e-transfer, or at the time of the event via cash, cheque or e-transfer.

These events are for local clients in the Niagara Region, and as far as the GTA (a surcharge will apply for any events further than 75kms from my business address). If you are interested in a distance healing in this format, please contact me to discuss!

I require a minimum of 3 confirmed guests and up to 6 guests.

Guests will receive a follow-up email with a special offer should they wish to book a private session with me following the event.

I look forward to booking your Sound Healing event with you!

E-mail to book now!